The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture is a continuation of the educational endeavor founded by Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Wright in 1932. Originally called the Taliesin Fellowship, the School was renamed in 1960. Wright created the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in 1940, endowing it with all of his personal property: Taliesin and Taliesin West, artworks, architectural drawings, and the proceeds of his architectural practice. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was granted 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization status by the IRS in 1983. The Foundation carries out its educational mission via its archives, public access, licensing, and School programs.

The Board of Governors of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture serves as the direct link to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Trustees. The Dean of the School serves as the Chief Academic Officer and oversees all school staff and faculty.

Aaron Betsky | Dean
Michael DesBarres | Director of Academic Affairs (Interim)
Gerasimos (Jerry) Kavalieratos | Director of Admissions and Student Services
Elizabeth Dawsari | Director of Libraries
Jason Silverman | Residence Life Manager

Aaron Betsky, Chair; Aris Georges (Faculty Chair), Matthew Trzebiatowski, Ron Geren, Michael DesBarres, Effi Casey, Elizabeth Dawsari, Jason Silverman, Gerasimos (Jerry) Kavalieratos, Student representative.

Jacalyn Lynn—Paradise Valley, AZ (Board Chair)
Julie Eizenberg—Santa Monica, CA
Susan Krane—San Jose, CA
Susan Lockhart*—Cambridge, MA
Stewart Macaulay—Madison, WI
Tim Martin—Carmel, IN
David Mohney—New York, NY (Vice Chair)
Sandra Shane-DuBow—Evanston, IL (Secretary)
Jeff Stein—Mayer, AZ
A. Kimball Thompson*—Kaneohe, HI
Max Underwood—Tempe, AZ
Joyen Vakil—Las Vegas, NV
Jerry Van Eyck—New York, NY

Aaron Betsky, Dean
Sean Malone, President and CEO, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
Kim Hurtado, Faculty Representative
Cody Johnston, Student Representative

*Member of FLLWF Board and School Board