Sidney K. Robinson

ArchD, AIA | Professor of Architecture Emeritus

Sidney Robinson, ArchD, Professor of Architecture Emeritus, is a long-time faculty member at the school who will now work with us on selected projects as they develop. A primary architect of our current curriculum, Sidney has contributed greatly to the performance categories that define it. He has taught Architectural History I, II, & III, Architectural Theory, Taliesin As Text (AZ & WI), and Preservation Seminars, among others. Additionally, he has focused on Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy, demonstrating through his skillful and engaging teaching, how to explore the built environment in new and often, surprising ways. Throughout his prestigious career Sidney has continued to vanguard the role of ‘the architect as citizen’ and has introduced both students and faculty to the many ways that architects can engage the world fully as they pursue a noble profession that demands critical thinking, respect for the word ‘choice’, and considers ‘every building to be a proposition about the future.’ Although Sidney will continue to work primarily with Taliesin Preservation, Inc., he will be encouraged to join our efforts whenever possible. Faculty are extremely grateful for his many generous contributions.

(text by Mary L. Grow, Faculty & Curriculum Chair)