The School of Architecture at Taliesin , is a community of talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic people who collectively maintain an active learning environment for the exploration and practice of the discipline of architecture.

Fall/Winter Lecture Series @ Taliesin

Stephen Mueller & Ersela Kripa November 2, 2017 AGENCY Architecture
Allan Wexler January 11, 2018 Allan Wexler Studio / Author
Michael Bell January 30, 2018 Bell Seong Architecture
Michael Bierut February 8, 2018 Pentagram
Patrik Schumacher February 12, 2018 Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
Fernando Romero February 22, 2018
Zhu-Pei March 01, 2018 Studio Zhu-Pei
DUST March 28, 2018 DUST
Will Bruder April 5, 2018 Will Bruder Architects
Marlon Blackwell April 12, 2018 Marlon Blackwell Architects
Wendell Burnette April 19, 2018 Wendell Burnette Architects
Jack DeBartolo April 23, 2018 debartolo architects
Rob Paulus April 25, 2018 Rob Paulus Architects


Faculty at The School of Architecture at Taliesin work collaboratively to provide graduate students with a vibrant learning experience.  The approach to teaching is derived from an experiential learning model first advocated by the founders of the School as 'learning by doing.'  Faculty plan an active and important role in the evolving pedagogy, and student progress.



The School of Architecture at Taliesin appeals to motivated, and skilled individuals who aspire to a life in architecture. The student body is diverse, and forms a strong culture of camaraderie.  The nature of residential life on campus requires strong support of peers and positive guidance from faculty and staff to acclimate new students.


The Board of Governors of The School of  Architecture at Taliesin serves as the direct link to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Board of Trustees. The Dean of the School serves as the Chief Academic Officer and oversees all school staff and faculty.

AaronBetskyJAVA_Andrew Pielage-1-2

Aaron Betsky | President

Chris Lasch | Dean

Robin Vanhof Jr. | Director of Admissions and Student Services

Elizabeth Dawsari | Director of Libraries

Jason Silverman | Residence Life Manager

Jason Donofrio | Director of Development

Board of Governors

Chelsea Clark
Dan Schweiker
David Mohney
Eddie Jones
Jeff Stein
Julie Eizenberg
Jacki Lynn (Board Chair)
Jerry van Eyck
Joyen Vakil
Max Underwood
Sandra Shane-DuBow (Secretary)
Stewart Macaulay
Susan Krane (Vice Chair)
Tim Martin (Treasurer)

Stuart Graff
Susan Lockhart
Bob Skerker

Jack Lee

Matthew Trzebiatowski , Faculty Representative
Conor Denison, Student Representative

Faculty Spotlight

ArandaLasch + Marcelo Coelho win 2018 Times Square Valentine Heart Design competition

By  () • November 6, 2017

The Design Trust for Public Space and Times Square Arts have selected ArandaLasch + Marcelo Coelho as winners of the 2018 Times Square Valentine Heart Design competition, an annual event that brings a love-themed sculpture to the Crossroads of the World.

KJZZ "The Show" interview with President Aaron Betsky

KJZZ’s “The Show” just recently aired Steve Goldstein’s interview with Aaron. Attached is an audio file of the 6 minute, 50 second segment. KJZZ may add a link later to the show’s webpage (  but we wanted to get this recording to you as well.

SOA LECTURE SERIES @ Carnegie Mellon University



Make It Alive: Beyond New Buildings
M 25 September | 5:00pm | Kresge Theatre
Alan H. Rider Visiting Critic and Distinguished Lecturer

Quartz covers Exhibit Columbus.

“Another Miller Prize-winning installation, called Another Circle, is presented in a grassy knoll at Columbus’s main public park. From afar, the shrapnels of limestone look like a contemporary Stonehenge or perhaps an avant-garde graveyard. Architects Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch used a GPS device to choose the precise spot of each stone and allowed artisans to decide on the shapes. The result, they explain, creates an assortment of seats, stools and picnic tables for park goers”

Quito, Anne. “A tiny town in Indiana is a must-see mecca of mid-century modern design.” Quartz. 3 September 2017. Accessed  5 September 2017