Program Cost and Application

  Full Program Non-Refundable Fees
Tuition: $4,800.00 $1000.00 (Tuition Deposit)
Total Program Cost: $4,800.00

To be considered, please complete and submit the application checklist to Director of Admission  via email. The Admissions team will review completed applications on an ongoing basis and determine if the applicant is eligible for a personal interview. Personal interviews are conducted either in person or via telephone. Admissions decisions will be made shortly after the completion of the interview.

Application Checklist:

Questions at any time during the application process, please contact the Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions
The School of Architecture at Taliesin
12621 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, Arizona 85259-2537


Participants live on-campus and participate in the life of the academic community. Housing is available in rooms and in desert or prairie shelters (experimental dwellings designed and built by students on both campuses). Alternately, rooms or small apartments are available for students based on availability, including those for students with spouses/partners. Locker room facilities, access to the William Wesley Peters Library and reading space are also provided.

Taliesin West is the main campus of The Architecture School at Taliesin. The buildings rest on 500 acres of preserved Sonoran Desert with spectacular views. The seamless relationship between the structures and the desert encourages the study of the desert ecology, the experience of the poetic power of the landscape, and the insights available to the architect from nature.

Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin, the original site of the School, comprises over 600 acres of rolling hills and fertile valleys adjacent to the scenic Wisconsin River. Activities include hiking, biking, canoeing, swimming, numerous cultural events, and theater.



Exceeding expectations?

In the consumerism-­‐driven world in which we live, the occasion to purchase a product that over delivers on its hype is a rare thing indeed. Being a participant in the architectural Immersion Program at the Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture located in Scottsdale, Arizona at Taliesin West is a perfect example of doing just that:

Exceeding expectations!

Immersion (or complete involvement) is the perfect word to describe what happens during this 8-­‐ week event. While an immersion student at Taliesin West, I was automatically welcomed as another member of its community. In addition to core course work, which I will outline later, all “immersions” were invited to join in on a myriad of other campus-­‐related activities. We were encouraged to audit classes that M.Arch (Masters’ level) students were attending, sit in on informal lectures (presented by faculty and students) and formal ones (given by visiting professionals) that were offered on campus at least once or twice a week after dinner. During the program, there were also two formal “Taliesin evenings” which rivaled any special “fashionista” event that I’ve attended in New York City.

The professor with whom I spent the most time, Michael DesBarres, proved to be an educator of the superlative degree. At our first class, he presented us with a well organized and strategically thought out syllabus to help guide us through our two-­‐month exposure to the world of architecture. Given our diverse group – four students (myself included) who were new to the field and two fourth-­‐year architecture students from India – he was able to lead us through the curriculum as a cohesive whole. The program was rigorous and comprehensive. We were given many different assignments…from assigned readings that were discussed in class, visiting the Archives where we viewed original drawings by Mr. Wright and his apprentices at Taliesin, doing drawings (by hand) to remember the home in which we grew up, designing our own Froebel block set (and cutting it out in shop), learning a 3D computer modeling tool called SketchUp… all of which culminated in a final presentation. The viewing of which was open to all members of the onsite college community.

In preparation for the presentation, I learned how to do a site analysis, what a building program was, and met with the head of preservation at Taliesin West. We were given parameters to design fictitious building(s) on campus. Once again, Professor DesBarres, led us through this process, both as a class and independently, with skill, patience and support. We were all encouraged to follow our own vision in order to creatively answer the challenge of the project. In following my own innate “fashion roots”, I designed structures that gave a nod to both my background as well as to  the principles set forth by Mr. Wright to create unique and versatile additions to the existing built environment at Taliesin West.

I thoroughly enjoyed being absorbed into the fiber that makes up the Taliesin West community: from sharing in the Joylist, to working with the M.Arch students in the historic and inspiring drafting studio once used by Mr. Wright and his apprentices. The memory of this event will forever be embedded in my heart, mind and spirit.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is deciding if architecture is their “calling” or for those individuals who are looking for a new way to intellectually and creatively challenge themselves. In either case, it will be more than you expected.

In short, I’d like to thank you for this undeniably authentic experience!

Loretta Tedeschi-­Cuoco

Fashion Illustrator, Designer, Product Developer

New York

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