CORE FACULTY plan and implement curriculum and curriculum policies under the coordination of the Faculty and Curriculum Chair, teach Core Curriculum offerings, serve as student adviser, and participate in student portfolio reviews.

FACULTY are instructors in a number of disciplines who are engaged with the program on an ongoing and generally long-term basis, in a part-time or full-time capacity. Faculty include architectural practice mentors, instructional staff, and independent study mentors.

TEACHING FELLOWS & VISITING SCHOLARS provide key and intensive courses to students and reside on campus. In addition to the faculty members listed below, the School's annual public lecture series hosts a variety of speakers who often stay at Taliesin West for several days and meet the students.

Current Faculty

Effi Casey

Elizabeth Dawsari, MLS

Floyd Hamblen

Kim Hurtado

Terry Kerr

Gigi LaBudde

Lloyd Natof

Sidney Robinson

Chris Winters

Tim Wright